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25th November 2021

Expert Website Design & Digital Branding in Hull: Full E-commerce Build for Carmen Interiors!

Our Web Design boffins have recently completed another brand new project for one of our clients; a fully integrated E-Commerce platform for Carmen Interiors.
28th October 2021

Professional Social Media Management in Hull from Business 101

Our team at Business 101 are superstars of Social Media Management - whether it's tweaking your Twitter feed, flexing your Facebook muscles or invigorating your Instagram profile.
12th May 2021

Boost Your Brand with Digital Marketing from Business 101

“Why is digital marketing important to me or my business?” Take a quick look around you and count how many electronic devices you can see (for the sake of fairness, ignore the one you’re using right now!) There’s your answer.
18th July 2016

Lead Generation in Hull Project

The digital marketing team here at Business 101 have just completed another micro website in Hull This time it was for the purpose of lead generation in which we will pass onto a  local company that supplies and leases out photocopiers to businesses. This micro site web design in Hull project was solely for […]
24th July 2014

Stone importer and supplier moving forward

A local stone company that imports stone for kitchen and bathroom fitting / design companies has decided to move into the 21st century with a bang. They import from all around the world, stone of all types including limestone, slate and granite which is then made into fantastic pieces of usable stone. […]
14th July 2014

Statistics for website visitors, vanishing?!

If you have a website a year or so more we’d have said you need to look at your company website statistics. This was mainly to see what people have been searching for and then to see which pages they visited after that search phrase, length of time on your website and […]