Simply Tracking Website Design in Hull

Simply Tracking Website Design in Hull

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Simply Tracking is a company which offer tracker devices and online tracking software to customer so that they can track their vehicles when on the road – anywhere in the world. The company came to Business 101 wanting a redesign of their website in order to look more modern, attractive and function in order to get more customers engaging and ordering trackers for their vehicles.

The website we designed boasts a modern and sophisticated style which is easy on the eye for customers. Site navigation is easy with tabs at the top of the page so customers can click through pages to gain more information on the trackers and what they do, how they work etc.

Another way customers can find out more information is the branded informative videos which we created. Customers are able to watch these demonstrative videos to gain better knowledge on the trackers, the tracking software and customer portals to access their own vehicles. also is a mobile friendly website. This means that the website is responsive to all screen sizes. Because most of internet traffic comes from mobiles/tablets – the website forms to the right screen size so that it is viewable across all platforms.

We at Business 101 offer a great web design service for any business anywhere in the world. Our team listens to your wants, requirements and ideas and implements them to your new website in order to give you a brand new company website that will help to get the phone ringing and make you money. For more information regarding our web design in Hull, please get in touch and someone from the team will be able to speak with you and let you know about our various packages.

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